Monday, June 12, 2006

Hooray for J.Henin-Hardenne

I gave a sigh of relief when Justine Henin-Hardenne won the 2006 French Open making it her 3rd French Open championship. She once again proved that she is the "Queen of Clay". It is not often that I watch sports on tv but whenever J. Henin-Hardenne plays I always find myself watching...until eventually, I find myself rooting for her. My first taste of J.Henin-Hardenne's tennis was also at a French Open tournament in 2003. I already admired how she played the game then. But I started rooting for her I think when she was up against Maria Sharapova in the Quarter Finals of the French Open 2005....of course, most people (or men) were rooting for Sharapova being the more "appealing" player...But then J.Henin-Hardenne proved to be the better and smarter player (Sharapova was the stronger hitting one) so she moved on to become the French Open 2005 Champion beating Mary Pierce...From then on, I became a certified fan of J.Henin-Hardenne. But ever since 2003 I am always looking out for her at every tennis grandslam. There were times though that she was not playing due to health reasons so I was so happy when she came back to play again in full-swing last year but this time she just chooses the tournaments she is going to join. The only grandslam she has yet to win is the Wimbledon. I hope she wins it this year. You just have to see how sweet her backhand swing is. And she really plays smart although lately she seems to be playing less of her drop and volley shots. I notice that this time she's going for the baseline. I hope I can see more of the running game...but what do I know? I am no athlete. I usually start with buying equipment (tennis, golf, badminton, etc.) and then everybody (including myself) just gives up on me ever learning the sport...But anyway, as long as I enjoy watching J.Henin-Hardenne with the illusion that I have the same sweet backhand swing...that can do for now ;-)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

having a great time with friends

i am here now at dome shang mall with two of my wacky best friends - laughing out loud that people at the next table are staring at us - i hope they think we are not crazy people - but who cares hehehe