Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Allez Justine!

It is French Open Season...and I am getting excited and at the same time nervous...because I want Justine Henin to win!!! Allez Justine!

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Hemin Bread Saga

Just to give an update on what eventually happened to the Hemin Bread...Well, I actually did follow the procedure -- though not really to the letter. There was a time when I forgot to mix on a given day and got home at 3am so I mixed it before going to sleep. And I am not sure if I counted the days right - is Day 1 the day you receive the dough or is it the day after? Anyways, I tried to do it the best way I can. Finally, the 10th day came and I can't find 3 people who are willing to receive a piece of the 4 part dough. Can you imagine, not even my own Mom would like to receive it! Anyway, so I kept my part of the dough added it with the required milk, sugar, flour, baking powder and baked as instructed...It was smelling good and yummy...Finally it was cooked...but nobody in the house wants to eat it! The household staff thinks it is 'panis' (rotten) already. I tasted it and it seems ok but I also can't seem to eat some more. Only my father got a good taste of it -- and he seemed to like it! Or he may just be hungry that time -- I don't know. Well, I have not heard of any news that my father got a stomach ache or anything like that so it must be really ok. But then, there is still 3/4's worth of baked Hemin Bread sitting at home...Any takers?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Secret

I have just read "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne and it really got me excited. Although sometimes I feel like it is quite leaning towards New Age. However, with an open mind and with an open heart, one can discern the wisdom in what is being said in the book. The DVD I think is not yet available here in the Philippines. I have been visiting Amazon.com pondering if I should order online now or should I wait until it is available here. Anyways, I am re-reading the book and am writing some margin notes on it to point out the parallelism to Christian teachings (Christianizing The Secret?)