Saturday, December 29, 2007

Quiet After the Storm

Christmas Day came so fast this year...As expected, Christmas is one of the most hectic seasons we have at think that I am in the gift business, this year all my gifts to my family, relatives and friends were all last minute purchases as we got caught up in attending to the orders of our clients at, tsk, tsk, not a good sign...This should be part of my New Year's Resolution -- Prepare for the gifts of family, relative and friends way before the Christmas orders come in at, all the business hassle and bussle, family Christmas preparations, get togethers, reunions and to add, the preparations for my Papa's 75th surprise birthday celebration on the 26th really made Christmas Day pass like a blur...I think I just said a passing "Happy Birthday" to Our Lord days before His birthday...But, really, the Holy Catholic Church, in her wisdom and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, instituted the Octave of Christmas. This is like the quiet after the storm -- after all the swirl, the twirl of Christmas preparations, things simmer down starting on Christmas Day until December 30 allowing one to reflect on the real relevance of the birth of our Saviour. This really is a welcome period to be serenely blissfully alone with the Lord knowing that God so loved us that He sent his Son to save us, reflecting that Our Lord came to this world in total humility and simplicity demonstrating to us that this is the showcase of true pure power and richness...And after being filled with God's quiet love and inspiration, you again are raring to start anew, inspired to be a better person, enthusiastic to be God's soldier once again in the middle of the world --- all of these inspiritation come just in time to celebrate the New Year, to welcome it with renewed hope and the enthusiasm to start again.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Smashing Year-end for Justine

What a year it was for Justine Henin! She started the year taking a leave from Australian Open as she has to attend to her divorce. Everybody thought can she make a comeback with such an emotional upheavel at the back of her mind. But more than comeback she did. She dominated the tennis scene winning the French Open, the U.S. Open, the year-end Sony Ericsonn Championships and a lot other second/third tiered tournaments.

Justine is simply the best...Despite her small frame (just look at the picture below, she's the smallest but she's the toughest), she can out win everybody else with sheer smart quick-minded plays and total determination. What an inspiration!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

CodeRED's Awesome Pinas Promo

This must be a season of promos. Aside from's True Friends Referral Promo, another exciting promo is currently running and this is CodeRED Magazine's Awesome Pinas Promo.

As CodeRED is a family magazine, it is just fitting to have the promo in two categories, one for parents and another for teens. The parents are to send photos while the teens are to send video clips. Check it out now!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

What is your color personality?

Took this test -- for fun, for curiosity, for wala lang..
And I got an 'orange'...I am not sure how accurate is this as when they asked what is my favorit pet -- I got to stop and think as I really don't like taking care of sabi ko "sige na nga, dog!"...
What color is your personality?

Your personality is orange!

WOW! your an outgoing, and active individual. Sometimes your personality is confused with red, but your much more caring, and warm than red. You like animals, and can comfort almost anyone!

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If you like to try it, go ahead and click ;-)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Winner Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is the first time I baked chocolate-chip cookies and it was a success!!! It was chewy just the way we all like it here at home. Every bite guarantees a good portion of chocolate chips...Uhmmm...Yummy!!!...Well, I have to confess it was the pre-mix kind from Ghirardelli...It was so easy to follow and so fast to do and the best of all the results were really excellent!!!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wimbledon belongs to Justin Henin!

Am I a fanatic or what?! :-) ALLEZ JUSTINE!!! She's smoothly winning every game at the 2007 Wimbledon!!! But I am still a nerve-wreck :-/ as I still am crossing my fingers and storming heaven so that Justine will have her first Wimbledon crown this year!!! ALLEZ JUSTINE!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dress Code for Churchgoers

Just yesterday, the Archdiocese of Manila issued an instruction for churchgoers to dress "decently" when attending the Holy Mass, meaning, no shorts, no sandos/sleeveless shirts, no mini-skirts, no plunging necklines, no show-your-bottom pants...I can already hear some people saying "What you wear to Church does not matter, what matters is what is in your heart and your relationship with God." Well, you know, one's relationship with God manifests on how one dresses when he/she attends the Holy Mass. If one really knows, believes and loves God, he/she will put care, respect and delicateness in the way one dresses when attending the Holy Mass because it is in the Holy Mass that one gets to witness an actual physical miracle (transubstantiation - bread and wine becoming body and blood of Jesus, our Saviour), it is in the Holy Mass that one gets to receive, in physical and spiritual form, God Himself (Holy Communion). What can be more awesome than this! If one has a deep interior relationship with God, then, this will manifest even in aesthetic details like dressing up for Mass -- because as they say (and as I have learned from Oprah), LOVE IS IN THE DETAILS!!! Just think about it, if one goes to Mass wearing something straight out from watching television -- what is it trying to say ,"Hey, I don't want to be bothered thinking of what to wear and besides, this is comfortable. And it is already a good thing that I even go to Mass." What this person really is saying is that "God should not be a bother in my life. I don't want to go the extra mile for God because I don't know what He means to me. God owes me because I am going to Mass today." Now, is that the kind of attitude proper for a creature to take towards his Creator? Or even for a child to his parents? Or even an employee to his employer? The Church is not saying to wear "branded" or new clothes all the time...Just wear something that will show respect to Our Lord. Isn't it that when one goes for a job interview, we try to wear something decent to give respect to the person interviewing us and for us to show our best? Should we not be doing the same for our Creator -- we bring to Him the best of ourselves both inside and out. Sometimes, I get to go to attend Mass at the parishes of the "rich and famous" and how sad it is to see some of these "rich" people going to Mass in their shorts, collarless shirts and havaianas looking like they just arrived from their beach clubs. These people I am sure have more respectable clothes in their closets and can very well afford to buy clothes appropriate for worship, but why can't they use these material blessings to praise God. All of the material blessings we have all come from God, and we can only offer them back to God to give thanks and give him glory. Why not thank Our Lord by showing him in His physical presence that we appreciate what He has given us and that we wear them on His Banquet! So, yes, what you wear matters!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Hail to the Queen of Clay!

YES! YES! YES! Justine Henin is again the Women's Champion in the recently concluded French Open. Making her the undisputed Queen of Clay of this generation. She won this title 4 times already and this is her 3rd consecutive win. I already mentioned in one of my old posts that Justine's my favorite because of her powerful at the same time sweet backhand. She started to be my favorite when she was against Serena Williams in the 2003 French Open championship and looking at the builts of these two women, I thought Justine was the underdog -- and so I rooted for her, until she did get to win the title. From then on, I am a fan. And whenever I watch her play, I really get nervous because although you know she's really good, you still can't predict if she's going to win or not...It is really nerve wrecking to watch her. Just like this French Open championship versus Ana Ivanovic -- the first two games, Justine was not doing anything right and to think that this is Ana's first grandslam. It is a good thing that eventually Justine was able to control her nerves so she was able to get hold of the game. Then, Ana this time lost her nerves that is why the game was uhhmmm boring as Ana was no match to Justine's powers. But I think Ana has lots of potentials as this is just her first grand slam -- I am also getting to like the girl! But Justine is still my No. 1! ALLEZ JUSTINE!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Allez Justine!

It is French Open Season...and I am getting excited and at the same time nervous...because I want Justine Henin to win!!! Allez Justine!

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Hemin Bread Saga

Just to give an update on what eventually happened to the Hemin Bread...Well, I actually did follow the procedure -- though not really to the letter. There was a time when I forgot to mix on a given day and got home at 3am so I mixed it before going to sleep. And I am not sure if I counted the days right - is Day 1 the day you receive the dough or is it the day after? Anyways, I tried to do it the best way I can. Finally, the 10th day came and I can't find 3 people who are willing to receive a piece of the 4 part dough. Can you imagine, not even my own Mom would like to receive it! Anyway, so I kept my part of the dough added it with the required milk, sugar, flour, baking powder and baked as instructed...It was smelling good and yummy...Finally it was cooked...but nobody in the house wants to eat it! The household staff thinks it is 'panis' (rotten) already. I tasted it and it seems ok but I also can't seem to eat some more. Only my father got a good taste of it -- and he seemed to like it! Or he may just be hungry that time -- I don't know. Well, I have not heard of any news that my father got a stomach ache or anything like that so it must be really ok. But then, there is still 3/4's worth of baked Hemin Bread sitting at home...Any takers?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Secret

I have just read "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne and it really got me excited. Although sometimes I feel like it is quite leaning towards New Age. However, with an open mind and with an open heart, one can discern the wisdom in what is being said in the book. The DVD I think is not yet available here in the Philippines. I have been visiting pondering if I should order online now or should I wait until it is available here. Anyways, I am re-reading the book and am writing some margin notes on it to point out the parallelism to Christian teachings (Christianizing The Secret?)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hemin Bread from Padre Pio

I just received today from a neighbor a dough of Hemin bread supposedly from the Vatican and has some connection with Padre Pio...I am still debating with myself whether to continue with the whole procedure or not as I hate chain letters...Now, is this considered to be a chain letter? Maybe a more of a 'chain activity'...I love Padre Pio and I am not sure if this 'breadmaking' thing is doing him good or harm? On the otherhand, he's already a saint so nothing can harm him...Should I crossover to doing this or just stay put and let it be...Anyway, let me think some more...

Post post: For those who are interested to know what happened to my Hemin bread, check out this sequel post.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Unconventional Fund Raising Event

I attended last night a Fund Raising Event at the Prince of Jaipur...Yap, a fund raising event in a bar! It was an unusual night as there was a mini-concert to soft launch a music CD produced by a new movement, CGE (Citizenship by Good Example). The sale of the CD will benefit Working Hands Scholarship Foundation. The music CD is composed of patriotic-indie-rock songs. The singer and guitarist in last night's mini-concert was a priest--so there you go, how unusual can it get - a fund raising event for a scholarship foundation with a priest singing in a bar! Well, it was fun and fund ;-) Congratulations to the organizers for a successful event! To know more about Working Hands Scholarship Foundation and if you are interested to give a donation, just go to their website

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cross-over to the Entrepreneurship Force

It has been awhile since I got to blog here at Daily Crossovers...Well, I am glad to say that my small crossovers has now brought me to be an entrepreneur full-time. A cyber entrepreneur at that...There were days when I doubted the steps I had taken but I found myself enjoying it more and more and finding self-fulfillment in it all...It is challenging, nerve-wracking, a tough mountain to climb...But it is definitely fulfilling, exciting and enriching...So on I go to this new adventure of being a cyber-entrepreneur...and wish me luck! :-)