Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hemin Bread from Padre Pio

I just received today from a neighbor a dough of Hemin bread supposedly from the Vatican and has some connection with Padre Pio...I am still debating with myself whether to continue with the whole procedure or not as I hate chain letters...Now, is this considered to be a chain letter? Maybe a more of a 'chain activity'...I love Padre Pio and I am not sure if this 'breadmaking' thing is doing him good or harm? On the otherhand, he's already a saint so nothing can harm him...Should I crossover to doing this or just stay put and let it be...Anyway, let me think some more...

Post post: For those who are interested to know what happened to my Hemin bread, check out this sequel post.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Unconventional Fund Raising Event

I attended last night a Fund Raising Event at the Prince of Jaipur...Yap, a fund raising event in a bar! It was an unusual night as there was a mini-concert to soft launch a music CD produced by a new movement, CGE (Citizenship by Good Example). The sale of the CD will benefit Working Hands Scholarship Foundation. The music CD is composed of patriotic-indie-rock songs. The singer and guitarist in last night's mini-concert was a priest--so there you go, how unusual can it get - a fund raising event for a scholarship foundation with a priest singing in a bar! Well, it was fun and fund ;-) Congratulations to the organizers for a successful event! To know more about Working Hands Scholarship Foundation and if you are interested to give a donation, just go to their website