Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Personal Credo

Just attended a Retreat last week and we were asked to do a Personal Credo. May I share it here...

My Personal Credo

I am a daughter of God in the middle of the world.
The dignity of my being emanates from this truth.

I lovingly fulfill my vocation
as a caring wife to my husband,
as a nurturing mother to my children,
as a dutiful daughter to my parents,
as a loyal faithful of the Church,
as a patriotic citizen of my country,and,
as an effective professional in my chosen career.

I am an ordinary human being
living an ordinary life
who will do my ordinary work and duties
extra-ordinarily well
whether at the home,
at the workplace,
in the communities that I belong - ecclesiastical or juridical.

And in so doing,
I will be doing God's will for me,
I can be alte Christus, ipse Christus to others,
I can show my love and give greater glory
to my God, Father and Lord.