Saturday, December 29, 2007

Quiet After the Storm

Christmas Day came so fast this year...As expected, Christmas is one of the most hectic seasons we have at think that I am in the gift business, this year all my gifts to my family, relatives and friends were all last minute purchases as we got caught up in attending to the orders of our clients at, tsk, tsk, not a good sign...This should be part of my New Year's Resolution -- Prepare for the gifts of family, relative and friends way before the Christmas orders come in at, all the business hassle and bussle, family Christmas preparations, get togethers, reunions and to add, the preparations for my Papa's 75th surprise birthday celebration on the 26th really made Christmas Day pass like a blur...I think I just said a passing "Happy Birthday" to Our Lord days before His birthday...But, really, the Holy Catholic Church, in her wisdom and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, instituted the Octave of Christmas. This is like the quiet after the storm -- after all the swirl, the twirl of Christmas preparations, things simmer down starting on Christmas Day until December 30 allowing one to reflect on the real relevance of the birth of our Saviour. This really is a welcome period to be serenely blissfully alone with the Lord knowing that God so loved us that He sent his Son to save us, reflecting that Our Lord came to this world in total humility and simplicity demonstrating to us that this is the showcase of true pure power and richness...And after being filled with God's quiet love and inspiration, you again are raring to start anew, inspired to be a better person, enthusiastic to be God's soldier once again in the middle of the world --- all of these inspiritation come just in time to celebrate the New Year, to welcome it with renewed hope and the enthusiasm to start again.