Thursday, January 15, 2009

Prayers and Patrons for Expectant Mothers

My hubby and I are blessed with a second pregnancy. In fact, I will be giving birth sometime mid-February. In my second pregnancy, as with my first, I have to undergo special care as I have to contend with immunological problems (APAS, high natural killer cells, etc.) plus a low-lying placenta. So aside from my very competent doctors, of course, I ask for help from Our Lord and all our friends in Heaven to help me get through these pregnancies in a healthy and safe manner. Thus, I would like to share with you the Novenas and other prayers I use to help me get through my pregnancies smoothly, here goes:

1. Our Lady of La Leche - I go to Our Lady to ask for her help always. Just like when she assisted St. Elizabeth during her pregnancy, I also ask Our Lady to assist me during my pregnancy and during the delivery so everything will go smoothly. Her title as Our Lady of La Leche focuses on having good birth and ample supply of milk for the baby's good nutrition. When I gave birth to my 1st child, everything really went well considering all the hurdles I have to face plus I have ample milk that I exclusively breastfed my child until she was 1 year old.

2. St. Gerard Majella - This novena was given to me by a friend. St. Gerard according to the literature accompanying the Novena is the patron of mothers, expectant mothers in particular.

3. St. Josemaria Escriva - St. Josemaria is one of my favorite saints. I usally ask for his intercession for almost everything because he is the saint of the ordinary. When I am pregnant, I usually ask for his prayers to help my doctors take care of me and my baby.

4. The Santo Bambino of Aracoeli - I was given a stampita of the Santo Bambino of Aracoeli by a friend during the time when I was having difficulty getting pregnant. I kept that stampita in my wallet and it stays there to this day. I glance at the picture of the baby Jesus and implore His Mercy and grant my prayers to have children. Well, He never fails -- and I know you know that already!

So to all the expectant mothers out there, congratulations and a enjoy motherhood!