Saturday, January 12, 2008

Anne's Menu Express

Planning the family menu is one of the important tasks of a mom/wife. If you don't make a plan, for sure you'll be hearing comments like "Adobo na naman" or "Amoy sinigang na pawis ko". So it is best to have a menu plan for at least a week to ensure that there's variety and to have better control of your food budget. However, making a family menu plan is easier said than done. It can be a tedious task and really sometimes you just run out of ideas on what to prepare. But not to fret, we can recourse to ever reliable Anne Soriano. With a very minimal amount you can have a family menu plan for the month. Anne is very experienced in preparing and implementing a menu plan having to manage a household of at least 12 people so you are assured that there's wealth of experience there that you can cull. Visit Anne's website, Anne's Menu Express to know more about her Menu Plans.